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The National Anthem of Sondmark

The Impossible Princess and The Winter Princess both quote 2 bloody verses of the national anthem of Sondmark.

Sons of Sondmark

slide your blades

beneath the fleshy chin

of Vorburg.

Spill his cowardly blood,

Upon his breast.

None will bridle

the dragon of Sondmark.

Even our fair princesses

will drag

Every Vorburgian corpse

To the Borderlands–

Picking the flesh

from our Swords and

Raking the blood

from our Soil

These are literal, word-for-word translations, but if you wanted to set the English to the music, you'd have to do some wiggling around for a literary translation. This I have done. I credit the genius, press-ganged, just graduated from music school Jacob Hanna for taking my words and putting them to music, his father for being my brother as well as forming part of the men's chorus with his son, and their neighbor (!) for pitching his voice into it as well.

Now, Gentle Reader, imagine an Olympic cycling event, a gentle breeze fluttering the Sondish flag as it's raised over the medals podium, weeping princesses, and a rousing national anthem:

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